Sunday, May 1, 2011



When I was 15, my father and I went to the Buick dealership to pick out our new car. Dad selected a staid, black and tan four-door sedan. It was the 1995 Buick Century sedan. In the window was a spectral vision--a pale yellow Skylark convertible. It was splendid. "Dad," I pleaded, "let's get this one!"

I never will forget. My stern father turned to me, pointed his finger at me and said, "Son, don't ever get a convertible. They're cold in the winter, hot in the summer and when they turn over, they'll kill you!"

Well, it took me many years to get over that one. I got my first convertible in 1990 and have never been without one since.

When I decided to get a convertible there was only one American convertible made! It was the Chrysler LeBaron. Someone had just totaled my previous car, so I needed a new one. Ah ha, a convertible I thought!

I went to the Chrysler dealer and there she was, a new silver one with a black top. After driving around a short block, I bought it. 

It was a basic car but a lot of fun. Driving with the top down was a thrill. I remember thinking at the time: "I shall never be without one."

There were three changes I made. One was a major, major stereo system. It required amplifiers under the seats and speakers so large they took up the trunk space allowing for no spare tire. I don't like hip-hop music, but boy, did it sound great for rock. Another was neon lighting underneath the car! And finally, one spring morning I awoke and decided I had to have the car painted RED!

 ---I guess I was really reverting to my youth!



Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

I like your blog. Its fun. I am now a follower. I don't really see where to put comments.
My father told me the same thing about convertibles. I guess I'm still obeying, since I don't have one!

Would you like to add the Cartoon Brunch to your blog? YouTube - cartoon brunch -

Let me know if you receive the e-mail I sent before this one with the video attached.

Enjoy the spring! It's been so beautiful.


Don Voth said...

Jeanie, Thanks I will use it. It's so creative! I'll be great.
Why do dads do that? I guess to protect us. But my dad was too protective, Made me scared to try new things. At seventy, I'm finally over that.