Wednesday, June 22, 2011



A dissertation: I know some people are having a hard time with Tom's actions. I found his jumping on Oprah's couch fun. It showed his true excitement about Katie. His anti-psychology rants, however, were problematic. Especially the attack on Brooke Shields, which was uncalled for. It seems to me that it all stems from his belief in Scientology—good grief! He should keep that private.

Continuing with his films. We travel to some of his best and some of his worst. At this point in his life he's realizing the value of having good directors and fellow actors. He chooses them wisely! to wit: Director Martin Scorsese and Paul Newman for "THE COLOR OF MONEY." He plays a young, Italian pool hustler.

What I consider this to be his worst film, but still enjoyable is "COCKTAIL."

And now, one of his best films, considered by critics still to be a superb film, "RAIN MAN," with Dustin Hoffman, who won the Oscar "Best Actor" award for his role. And the film won "BEST PICTURE!" Tom won the People's Choice! award for Favorite Actor.

I began collecting many objects regarding Tom about this time in his career. Among them photos (stills from films, studio shots, portraits and candids—many hundreds) and a digital copy of ALL films (32 so far)! All the pictures in this entire Saga are from my collection!

Off of eBay, I got an actual 1981 cap that was given out to the crew of the film "Top Gun!"
I wear it periodically but only for very special occasions.

Now, we have "BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY," which I consider probably his best role. He was nominated for an Oscar for this one! And he won the Golden Globe. He portrayed Ron Kovic, a true story about a disillusioned Viet Nam veteran. He was 27.

Next, NICOLE KIDMAN comes on the scene and BRAD PITT.


Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Thank you for being a delightful host and giving a tour of your house and garden, and introducing us to John Milton in the park, as well as Tom in his corner of your home. It was nice to meet you and your little cat, Memphis.

I have added your Blog to my follow list.

Larry (Ron's friend)

Don Voth said...

Good to meet you, too. I'm glad you liked Tom Cruise in my dining room!